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The Psilocybe cubensis Ecuador is one of the most popular species. Place of origin is the Ecuadorian Andes, located at an altitude of 1000 meters. This strain is considered one of the most powerful and largest of all Cubensis breeds. The Ecuador usually produces large mushrooms with a long and firm stem. This makes it easy to distinguish Ecuador from other breeds. The Ecuador is easy to grow and produces a large harvest. Ideal, also for beginners. The Ecuador is a popular strain for study by mycologists and biologists.
Because of the quality of the mushroom, the active ingredient content is considerably higher than in traditional grow kits.



Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

With our legitimate sorcery mushroom develop units you can without much of a stretch develop lovely wizardry mushrooms yourself. Our develop units are 100% mycelium. This implies that they are now completely develop, so they will rapidly show “pins” and inside about fourteen days you can reap your first group of new mushrooms. See our definite guide for more data on developing your own sorcery mushrooms.

With us you can look over a colossal collection of various develop units, for instance Magicbox Palenque, Equadorian and Super Gold, or one of no under 12 unique strains from our Stealthbox arrangement, or the Copelandia develop pack, with which you can develop your own confided in old Hawaiians. Sirius develop units: your most straightforward path to a beautiful world.

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The entirety of our mushroom developing units are created with care in a clean research center. We keep a restricted stock, so the develop packs are dispatched as new as could really be expected. There are many makers of sorcery mushroom develop packs. We have tried practically a wide range of mushroom packs accessible available and exposed them to exhaustive testing. We just sell the develop packs in our inventory that are generally solid and have a decent yield. Since the market is dynamic, we keep on testing new kinds of units, searching for ones that satisfy our guidelines. Searching for an exceptional strain

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The temperature in the develop unit and develop sack ought to be ideal for the sorcery mushrooms to develop. Ensure that the pack stays somewhere in the range of 18°C and 29°C (23°C is ideal), likewise around evening time. At the point when the temperature is higher or lower than this, the mushrooms will either become moderate or not in the least. In the long run delivering less mushrooms than could be considered typical.

Try not to put the develop unit in direct daylight, since it will be excessively hot for the mushrooms to develop and the base will dry out, not delivering mushrooms.

At the point when the mushrooms are practically develop, pick them immediately. In the manual, you’ll see hoe to recognize ripe ones.

At the point when you pick them past the point of no return, they will drop their spores. This will cause the substance of the to develop pack shading dark as you can find in the image.

This is of no impact to your wellbeing or the excursion, however the energy put for this to occur, will fade and you will deliver less mushrooms.

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